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Content review

The content can be broken into three specific areas including; media content, text content and hotel content.

Media Content
I created the majority of the media content over the course of the project. I visited all the major sites around Cork city including Fota Wildlife Park, Blarney Castle, Charles Fort, Kinsale, Cork City Gaol, Garretstown, St. Finnbarre’s Cathedral, The English Market, Bishop Lucy Park, Fitzgerald’s Park, Cork city centre and Kinsale.

My primary focus was on photography, but I also created many short movies, Quicktime VR’s and stop motions.

Due to time restraints I downloaded images from the internet for locations we could not visit and activities we could not take part in such as deep sea fishing and kayaking. We may also include videos from the Discover Ireland website.

Text Content

The majority of the text content relating to tourist services and attractions was readily available online. I downloaded text from the internet, edited, re-wrote it and customised it for the purposes of our project.

Hotel Content
We decided to showcase the Clarion hotel in Cork city because it is a beautifully constructed modern building with extensive facilities and services. The Clarion is also part of a hotel group so they would be prime target audience for marketing our product. I contacted the Sales and Marketing manager, Raymond Kelleher, to arrange a meeting to introduce project. I presented Raymond with a portfolio of my previous work and offered the files
to full photographic coverage of the hotel including 360º panoramas in exchange for their cooperation.

We covered the lobby, bar, restaurant, spa, swimming pool, meeting rooms, executive bedroom and also the penthouse. Raymond provided us with all the text information, marketing and promotional material, menus and logos. He also offered us to use the hotel as a location to showcase the multi-touch table when the project is complete.

When we complete the software programming with full functionality if time permits, we may consider implementing a number of demo applications such as games, music interfaces and Google Earth to show the full functionality and capabilities of our multi-touch product. We have already gathered a substantial library of applications from the NUI Group forum and other

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    I created the majority of the media content over the course of the project…..