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Review of our objectives

We analysed the needs and difficulties for tourists accessing local information while traveling in Ireland. The first major problem people face with their busy lifestyles is finding time to research their destination before their arrival. The Tourism in touch presents all the necessary local information so tourists don’t need to plan ahead.

The abundance of available information can cause many issues itself. A lot of the details presented are promotional and advertisement based in nature (sponsored links etc), and may not be appropriate to your particular search, and consequently it can be extremely difficult to pinpoint exactly what you are looking for. The tourism in Touch device provides only targeted information
so there is no time wasted accessing the exact information.

We evaluated how our device can provide better solutions for tourists with interactive multi-touch technology. It is extremely troublesome to find all the information tourists are usually looking for on one, easily accessible site. Trains and bus information are generally located on completely different sites to entertainment information. The tourism in touch product provides all the
necessary information in one easy accessible interface.

Although there have been gargantuan steps in information and communication technology, not everyone has access to the Internet and some people may not have the computer skills to access the necessary tourist information via the World Wide Web. The Tourism in Touch product breaks down the barriers for computer illiterate people, only natural easy to use hand gestures are used
in place of mediating devices such as the keyboard and mouse which makes it accessible to all.

Guidebooks can be out of date and biased with information, also guidebooks for Ireland generally cover the country as a whole, although dedicated books are available for Dublin, cities like Cork, Kilkenny, Limerick and Galway do not get exclusive treatment. So tourists get a book that covers the country but with little local information. The Tourism in Touch device provides all the local information in one easy approachable package.

Throughout the course of the project we designed and constructed three prototypes and conducted seven stages of user testing. This provided us with great knowledge and experience to conceptualise the look of the Tourism in Touch device, the structure of the hardware system and the software applications.

We prepared mock-ups illustrating the design and engaged in paper prototype testing to create a consistent GUI, graphic identity and branding for the product. The result is an easily navigableinterface that is aesthetically pleasing and branding and design elements that compliment the
concept and mission of the device.

We worked with the staff in the Clarion hotel and visited all the major tourist attractions in and around Cork city to create an expansive library of visual content that include photographic material, 360° panoramas, videos and maps. We also sourced any other necessary materials form online websites such as Discover Ireland for content that we could not create due to time
restrictions on the project.

We developed the system and a complimentary application suite through a number of closely documented stages that present this rich multimedia information in an immersive and interactive manner that the user can easily navigate, interact with as an enjoyable experience.

We built a tangible multi-touch tabletop device and implemented the applications suite into the working piece of hardware which work as we had originally visualised at the outset of the project.
In summary, we feel we have met all our objectives and have created a product that is both presentable for the exhibition and also for showcasing in a hotel or tourist information centre for further testing before completing the device for commercial use.


    Преподаватель английского The Tourism in touch presents all the necessary local information so tourists don’t need to plan ahead.
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