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Choosing a camera

We used a microsoft VX1000 webcam for our MT mini prototype,(after accidently destroying a Targus webcam while removing the IR filter!) which worked fine. But we had to consider changing this camera for a number of reasons, the first being the frame rate, at 14fps it was too slow. Also, the field of view is too narrow to use the camera with a larger surface considering the distance.

Our first choice replacement was the Unibrain Fire-i which is a great firewire camera but a little overpriced at €90 for the performance.

For prices you can visit this link:

Another option that is popularly used is the Firefly MV. This digital camera (not a webcam) uses a 1/3” wide-VGA CMOS sensor with global shutter to provide near-IR performance at fast frame rates. Ten different models are designed to address a wide variety of imaging applications, such as object and gesture tracking, optical character recognition (OCR), augmented reality, and multitouch interface technology.

For more information on the fire fly and other cameras available from Point Grey Research visit this link:

The Firefly priced at €250 is also way above our budget for this project.

After searching the NUI forum we came across the use of the Sony PS3eye camera. It proves to be the best choice for what we want considering our budget.

-The camera only costs €40.
-It works on both PC and Mac platforms.
-It also works with Touchlib and Tbeta.
-It is easy to remove the IR.

Overall its the best price for performance camera that we have come across in our research.

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