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Buliding the Delta prototype

We went to Athea in county limerick to Enright Kitchen’s workshop to begin constructing the Delta (final) prototype. After testing our hardware on the Beta prototype for six weeks, we knew exactly what dimensions would work best with hardware and usability issues taken into account. We designed our aesthetic goal on Google Sketch-up with all the dimensions in place before we left to save time.

For health & safety purposes Mark, one of the staff members, cut out the individual sides and created the rounded edges on the tabletop for us and also created the placement area for the glass.


While we worked away on putting the table together, Ray Enright engraved the Tourism in touch font into the sides of the table.

In all it took about six hours to build the frame and another hour to add the varnish. We are delighted with the finished product and look forward to testing the tble with full multi-touch functionality.

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