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Choosing a Projector

The two main contributing factors when choosing a projector for this project for us is the price and also how close the projector has to be to the screen to produce an image of a given size.

Our first step was to research and price ultra-short throw projectors. There appears to be only a few ultra-short-throw projectors on the market today, notably the Sanyo PLC-XL50 the NEC WT610 and the Hitachi CP-A100. But they all proved way above our budget (€2000+).

We then looked at the BenQ MP771, which is a short-throw projector and its moderately priced (€800).  We used the projection calculator to find out if we could project a suitable size.

The calculator told us at 0.5  meters we would get a projection of 94cm diagonally.

This proved to us we would get a suitable size projection pointing the projector vertically and a larger size with the introduction of a mirror to bounce the reflected image.

For our prototype we aim to point the projector vertically and then introduce a mirror to bounce the reflected image to achieve a larger screen size for the final proof of concept.

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