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Our Project: The Beginning

How our project came about

Similar interests in Photography, design and Graphical User Interface’s (GUI’s) brought us together to collaborate on this multi-touch project.

I have been working as a professional photographer for a number of years. Adam is a graphic designer with eight years experience in the industry. When we began discussing ideas for this project, we considered how graphic design and photography are presented together on screen and discussed how it has remained traditional and common in its approach.

I have traveled all over the world and have been a tourist in almost forty countries. Adam, originally from Poland, has traveled extensively throughout Europe and also lived in New York City for a period. We talked about our travels and experiences while abroad and how tourist information is presented to tourists across the globe.
We concluded that  the presentation of tourist information still relies heavily on traditional means, such as guidebooks, brochures or printed maps and needs to be continuously updated to keep in touch with emerging technologies. We also felt that, although the internet has endless information it is time consuming and difficult to find all the neccessary information you need to plan a trip.

It became very clear in the early stages of this project that we both were very interested in creating new ways of presenting rich multimedia tourist information so users could enjoy a much more natural and enjoyable viewing experience.
We began researching into innovative and emerging technologies to explore new avenues to present rich multimedia tourist information. During our early research we were introduced to Jeff Hann (Perceptive Pixel), Bill Buxton (microsoft) and Microsoft Surface, they inspired us to investigate the possibilitites of using  multi-touch technology to present tourist information for the Irish tourism industy.

After researching the Irish tourism industry we discovered that there is no ‘one-stop’ multimedia device on Irish market today that provides all the local information tourists need when traveling in Ireland, and which allows users to customise their own itinerary.

We also recognised the need for innovative marketing tools for hotels and hotel groups to promote their in-house services and other affiliated hotels. These facts let us presume that our project will be of interest to a wide group of stakeholders from tourism industry, with a potential to expand to other industries as well.

Form our research it soon became clear to us that devoloping a multi-touch table, targeted at the Irish tourism industry, would be a very modern and innovative way to present rich multi-media and could also provide great benefits for Irish tourism, tourists and local businesses.

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