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Usability Testing: Stage 4

The next stage of our usability testing process was on our fully functioning prototype. We coordinated two separate tests and invited two groups to our house on separate evenings to try some simple photo and effect applications.

We invited back the same neighbors we preformed the first test on as they already had experience with multi-touch interfaces and gestures. They interacted with the table with ease and had no usability issues or problems with gestures. It was great to see them really enjoy interacting with multimedia content such as videos and photographs.

The second group testing was with a group of friends with no experience interacting with multi-touch devices. We asked them to interact with the media on the table in a way that feels natural. Although it took a few seconds for everyone to get the hang of the different gestures, they found the table easy to use after a few simple mis judgments.

This stage of the usability testing also proved to be very positive for us and also the devolopment of our project. It was obvious to us that people had little problem interacting using the multi-touch table.

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