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Usability Testing: Stage 3

Trevor Hogan, our project coordinator organised a second paper prototype usability session with a group of first year students. We introduced the students to our project and explained our aims and objectives and we also prepared storyboards and passed them to the group individuals.

While we set up the tripod and camera we played a multi-touch simulation video we created using our table prototype. This followed with a group discussion on multi-touch technology and a broader explanation about the purposes and goals of our project.

Once we were satisfied all the members of the class had a firm understanding about our project, we began the paper prototype usability testing.

We set up Mt-mini prototype surface as a frame for the demonstration on the center table in Room b118, this allowed for all the members get a good view of the interaction.

We nominated 3 different members of the class to preform different specific functions and tasks including viewing information on the Old Head golf course, browsing the hotel menu for a steak and adding Cork City Gaol to ‘my Trip’ customised itinerary.

All nominated members had no problems navigating with the paper prototype.

We were very pleasantly surprised that the students had no problems with the usibility. Each student executed the tasks they were asked to preform with ultimate ease. This was a very positive response for our project, it gave us a lot of confidence in our usability design and we were very optimistic about moving onto the next stage.

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