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Usability Testing: Stage 2

Stage 2

We presented our paper Prototype to the Trevor Hogan, Emmet Coffey, Phil Curtin and the MM4 students for usability testing and general feedback. We used the picture frame from our MT Mini prototype as a portable screen to present the interface.

We began by presenting a video we created. The video is a simulation we filmed using our table prototype to introduce the concept of multi-touch technology and how users could interact using natural hand gestures.

We followed the video with our low fidelity paper prototype demonstration. For the purpose of this usability test we introduced the class to a number of functions including browsing food menus, researching activities and exploring the hotel.

We found the exercise very beneficial for the project as a few usability issues were addressed.

Trevor Hogan suggested we test our Paper Prototype to another group who would have less knowledge about our project an multi-touch technology for an alternative point of view.

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