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Project Objectives

o    Survey and analyse the needs and difficulties for tourists accessing local information while traveling in Ireland and evaluate how our device can provide better solutions with interactive multi-touch technology in a hotel environment.

o    Conceptualise the look of the Tourism in Touch device, the structure of the system and applications by determining their purpose, the way they function and interact with a user; also prepare the mock-ups illustrating the above and design a consistent GUI, graphic identity and branding of the product.

o    Create visual content that may include photographic material, 360° panoramas, videos, maps and develop the system and an application suite that present this information in an immersive, interactive manner.

o    Build a tangible multi-touch tabletop device and implement applications suite into the working piece of hardware, that together translate multi-finger gestures into on-screen actions.

o    Test our proposed solution and present a working prototype in a social environment to engage in primary user testing and then gather feedback on functionality, usability and group interaction and apply this information to our device before final development.

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