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Project Aim

The primary aim of our project is to conceptualise, design, develop and evaluate an interactive multimedia device for hotels that will enhance the tourist user experience when accessing local tourist information and also provide hotels in Ireland a new and innovative marketing tool.

The purpose of our project is to compliment existing traditional approaches of the presentation of tourist information (guidebooks, brochures, maps etc.) with a more enjoyable, fun, informative, and interactive means of viewing local tourist attractions and services. We want to create a product that’s instantly approachable, convenient and more closely reflects the way we interact in the real world.

Tourism in Touch will consist of a tabletop, computer-operated device with a range of applications that tourists can interact with directly using multiple simultaneous touches and natural gestures on the display surface.

We aim to present highly visual imagery and information such as hotel marketing material, food and beverage menus, virtual tours, photo galleries, and maps, that will assist tourists in organising and customising their itinerary while visiting Ireland.

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