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Tourism in Touch - Usage Scenario

How we envisage users interacting with Tourism in Touch if it was developed to its full potential.

A french couple François and Catherine Xavier decide to explore south of Ireland during July weekend break. They choose to base themselves in Cork city. They arrange a 3-nights stay in the city center Clarion Hotel and book their fly tickets with Aer Lingus.  It is a spontaneous decision and they don’t have a chance to do extensive research on the area that they are traveling to.

On arrival at Cork Airport they get a taxi to the hotel, they check-in and after dropping luggage to their room they head to the lobby for a lunch. The manager of the restaurant acknowledges from booking information that Mr. and Mrs. Xavier are on the short city break and sits them at the one of four Tourism in Touch tables located in the lobby.

They are surprised to discover that a tabletop is actually a large display, that welcomes them with inviting request to choose preferred language. They never came across such device before but they quickly learn that the screen react when they touchit with their fingertips. Catherine chooses their preferred language by tapping the French flag.

They are welcomed to Tourism in Touch interactive experience with very brief animation explaining how to use multi-touch gestures to control on-screen interface. After this short introduction they are presented with a question: ‘What do you want to do today?’ and achoice of options to choose from: ‘Explore Clarion Hotel’, ‘Order food & drinks’, ‘Create your itinerary’ and ‘Discover Cork’.

François selects ‘Food & Drink’ option and they are immediately presented with the virtual menus of meals available from the hotel restaurant. All the information is in French so they quickly decide on their choices. François goes for a Panini and Catherine picks a Soup of the Day, they place their order by touching selected meals on the touch screen. In the mean time,while they are waiting for food, fascinated by what they see, they decide to look into other options Tourism in Touch has to offer.

Because their knowledge about Cork and surrounding areas is very limited, they choose Discover Cork in hope to get information about places that are worth visiting. They are presented with highly visual, non-linear, tour of Cork that incorporates such multimedia material as: photography, videos, maps and illustrations.

Mr. Xavier particularly likes 360º photographic panoramas that can be controlled with hand gestures and engages him in nearly immersive experience of viewing Cork landmarks from different angles. He plays with them for a while visiting different locations across the city, while Mrs. Xavier at the same time investigates shopping choices in Cork and decides to touch on Brown Thomas advertisement that appeared on the screen together with other shopping suggestions.

Now they are both interacting with a touch surface, using multiple simultaneous touches and natural gestures. François collects information about a few interesting spots around Cork and he is following the on-screen suggestions that help him download maps and directions to his mobile phone. In the meantime Catherine is booking tickets for tonight’s play in Cork Opera House. Mr. and Mrs. Xavier finish eating the lunch and decide to charge the bill to their room. François puts theirelectronic room key on the table’s surface and in a few seconds they are free to go.

In the late evening, when they are back to the hotel from an entertaining evening out in town, they decide to rent a car for the next two days. To do this they go straight to ‘Tourism in Touch’ table which helps them find the best deal at a local car rental company. Catherine also browses information about Spa treatments available in the hotel and an interactive photo gallery of hotel facilities convinces her that she should definitely give it a go before they return to France.

The following morning, while Catherine is getting her treatment at hotel Spa, François relaxes in the lobby, planning details ofa car trip later this day. To do this, he uses ‘Create Itinerary’ function on Tourism in Touch table. He is presented with 3 main options:
• Quick Itinerary
• Customised Itinerary
• Locations

Mr. Xavier decides to use Quick Itinerary option and then he is presented with a set of Top Attractions in the Cork Area, from which he chooses ‘Charles Fort and a visit to Kinsale’. He views multimedia materials about this location and adds it to his ‘Itinerary Basket’. Then he decides to see other available options and switches to ‘Customised Itinerary’ setting, where he can view all Points of Interests by category, i.e.: ‘Beaches/Natural Attractions’, ‘Sports & Leisure’, ‘Culture & Arts’, ‘Entertainment’, ‘Food & Drinks’, ‘Shopping’.

François chooses ‘Beaches/Natural Attractions’ category from which he selects ‘Garretstown Beach’ and adds it to hisItinerary. He is also presented with suggestion to visit Old Head Golf Links located nearby the beach which he also adds to itinerary. His plan of the trip is complete now and Mr. Xavier decides to print it out. Mr. and Mrs. Xavier collect itinerary printouts from the hotel reception and are ready to go for a trip.

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