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Gesture Tek is an American company that specialises in camera-enabled gesture-recognition technology for
presentation and entertainment systems. They also design products that lets users manipulate special effects, even
immerse themselves in an interactive 3D virtual world – simply by moving their hands or body.


Mindstorm is an interactive surface company based in England. Their solutions have numerous applications across
a wide range of industries in the events, exhibitions, entertainment, commercial design and retail sectors. They
recently introduced a product called iBar - “first commercially available multi-touch, interactive, customisable bar in the world”. Their products have strong wow effect and were noticed by national press and television.

Touch Point specialises in digital media in-store or in public places which uses interactive kiosks, touchscreens, or
other new media to deliver content, advertising, promotions, or information to consumers. Although TouchPoint
offer multi-touch devices to its clients, they only licence GestureTek’s technology. So far TouchPoint realised only
one project in Ireland that involved very basic multi-touch elements on the floor projection, used to promote a new
shopping centre in Dublin.

Lucid AV
Lucid AV are based in Suffolk in the UK, they specialise in digital marketing, advertising, interactive technologies for
buildings and shows. They also offer digital creative, CGI and 3-D content. They co-operate with TouchPoint in
providing touch and multi-touch screen interfaces.

Most of these companies are located outside Ireland and specialise in interactive products that provide visual appealinggraphics that only exist to entertain and amuse people, rather than find solutions to potential problems.
Where as Tourism in Touch provides fully customised product including all the necessary content to cater for our client’s needs.

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