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One touch Ireland

One company that is located in Ireland that specialises in providing a product as well as well as content is ‘OneTouch Ireland’ This company would be our only true competitor if we were to enter the market with the ‘Tourism in Touch’ device..

OneTouch Ireland (OTI) own and manage the largest touchscreen information network in Ireland. These 15“ touchscreens are called ‘Info Points’, and provide users with access to tourism related advertisements. Their headquaters is located in ArdaraCo. Donegal, Ireland.

One Touch Ireland have a network of 250 Info Points nationwide. The ‘Info Points’ display information to users under different categories, i.e. Attractions, Activities, Services, Shopping, Restaurants, Bars & Entertainment.

They use images, simple videos and text to showcase businesses and they update adverts 6 times per year free of charge using ‘remote-access’ technology. They offer subscription based advertisement for businesses costing from €995  (6 screens) to €1995 (15 screens) annualy depending on the number of screens companies want to advertise on. By screens OTI means pages that include information and photos - they are similar to simple website pages.

Since OTI is the only direct competitor for Tourism in Touch, we decided to research it more extensively and test their product. To do that, we went to Trident hotel in Kinsale, which has an OTI’s Info Point installed.

The first problem we encountered was locating the device - it was mounted on the wall in a poorly visible place. When we approached the Info Point we assumed it was broken. After questioning the receptionist, we realised that Info Point wasn’t even turned on. After about 5 minutes waiting for the device to turn on and boot up the system, we have found that OTI’s product provides some useful services for tourists but it functions exactly like a website with low level interactivity, the only real difference is that user use a fingertip in place of a mouse pointer. The majority of information that is provided by Info Points is purely advertisement - there’s little objective information about places to go, tourist attractions or events in the area. OTI don’t provide any additional options like itinerary planning or food/drink ordering. The system is very simple, dull looking and doesn’t provide much entertainment value and lacks rich multimedia.

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