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Why we believe our product will be Successful?

If we develop the Tourism in Touch device to the standard we hope to achieve it is possible the product has commercial potential.

Here are some of the reasons why we brlieve it will be successful:

• There is no other product as sophisticated as Tourism in Touch available on the irish market today.
• The presentation of tourism related information relays heavily on traditional means, guide books, maps, etc and needs to be updated to keep in touch with emerging technologies.
• There is no rich multimedia experience availalbe to tourists in Ireland today.
• There is no other ‘one-stop’ multimedia device that provides all the information tourists need when traveling in Ireland and allows users to customise their own itinerary.
• There is no other tourists targeted product available on the Irish market that has future potential to communicate with smart devices such as PDA’s or mobile phones.
• With the growing number of hotels in Ireland and fierce competition as a result, our product can provide hotels with the competitive advantage necessary to stand out from the crowd.
• Our product puts fun and enjoyment into doing tourist research which is usually a boring and mundane task.
• Fáilte Ireland clearly state that they are looking to invest €102.5 million in the next 5 years improve communication with visitors, our product meets all the necessary criteria.
• There is great potential to secure funds from Irish Government. In the recent budget published on 26 November 2008, Government allocated just over €160 million in 2009 to spend on tourism industry, and €47 million will be spent on the marketing strategy.

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