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Usability design issues

These are some usability issues I came across on the Microsoft Surface website.

- Occlusion (what content is blocked by hands or other people)
- Button size (Fitts’ Law) - Text size create (legible from 4′ away)
- Usable from multiple directions

- Highly visual: The less words and the more specific the imagery, the easier it will be for a broad demogrphic to use the device.
- No irrelevant information
- Transitions: When working on your state/transition diagram, Transitions should be planned carefully. The way content and controllers animate can do a huge amount to suggest what they do, how to use them, and whether touch events have been registered.

- Strong progressive disclosure
- Modeless controls
- Privacy (what and when should various users have access to what information, private pin #’s, etc.
- Provide a visual cue that all touches have been registered…even when they don’t trigger a state change.

Form Factor and Environment
- Appropriate height and orientation
- Infrared lighting (for vision-based systems like Surface)
- Orientation is appropriate for the length of the interaction.

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