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Projector Issues

After many hours of research we opted to buy the Benq MP771. Straight away we faced problems as the product is not available to purchase in Ireland for another 3 months. We decided that the best option would be to buy it from Poland as the company who are sponsoring the projector are based there.

So we ordered it and were billed for € 820. It took about 4 days to deliver. We were very excited about receiving and testing the projector as it is the first major step in developing the internal functionality of the table.

Finally when the projector arrived we were very disappointed to discover it was not working properly. When we turned it on it would lose connection with the laptop after about 15 seconds. As if that was not bad enough every time we turned it off it would power itself up again so we had to disconnect it to the mains every time.

Our only solution was to return the projector and purchase another one. This time we opted to deal with a UK company. In the meantime we decided to hold on to the dud projector so we could at least test the screen projection while awaiting the arrival of the new projector.

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