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Building the second prototype

We purchased all the neccessary timber supplies in Woodies. The total cost came to about €195.  For the frame we wanted to use a clean, strong and light wood so we opted to use pine, which is a little expensive but we think it was worth because we had absolutely no problems using it at all.

We used chipboard for the base to add some weight to the structure and plywood for the walls of the table. We previously had no experience as carpenters so from start to finish it took us about 14  hours to complete.

After the construction was completed we painted the table with a base coat before finishing off the surface with two coats of black paint.

We took our time to try and get it right and measured everything to the half millimeter but we were still surprised that we had no major problems completing the construction.

Although it could be considered simple and basic by professional standards we were extremely proud of the table and ourselves when it was completed! It was also a major psychological milestone for us while working on this project.

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