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Early Ideas

We began collaborating on this project after discussing our interests in Photography and Multimedia design.  We’ve both acknowledged that most photography websites and design portfolios offered little new in relation to online viewing experience.

Our primary objective when undertaking this project was to compliment existing traditional approaches to the presentation of rich multimedia content such as photography and video. We began discussing the concept of creating a contemporary and novel approach in presenting a richer  viewing experience.

During our initial research we looked at many different viewing experiences such as Cooliris, the Cover Flow option in iTunes & iPods, iPhoto / Picassa / Lightroom / Flickr / Aperture slideshows and online photography portfolios.

cool Iris
from Tourism In Touch on Vimeo.

While viewing Cooliris and Cover Flow we’ve noticed that more natural gesture to control pictures display would be a hand movement rather than a mouse click.

I-tunes cover flow from Tourism In Touch on Vimeo.

That’s how we started exploring multi-touch solutions and looked at the concept of interaction between two or more people while browsing photos. As we shared ideas, we realised that a multi-touch solution could add entertainment and interaction values to other ordinary tasks. We found that multi-touch technology has much more potential than just interacting with pictures and that it can be used for various functions.

Then we discussed other possible uses of Multi-touch screens. We considered:

  • education
  • interactive presentations
  • property portfolios
  • games
  • mindmapping & brainstorming
  • shopping (argos / woodies / ikea)
  • waiting rooms (local news/newspapers/tv)
  • bars & restaurants
  • tourist information offices
  • hotel lobbys
  • public advertising spaces
  • home use

When exploring this technology we realised that the introduction of multi-touch technology could improve interactivity and the overall user’s experience while completing ordinary task/activities. At this early stage of our research we wanted to develop a more enjoyable way to interact with technology - one that’s instantly approachable, convenient and more closely reflects the way we interact in the real world.

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