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IR illuminators

Infrared illuminators are most commonly used with CCTV in areas where light is not sufficient for surveillance. They are generally used with black and white cameras since these cameras have greater sensitivity to infrared light.

Color cameras that switch to black and white at night are coupled with IR illuminators for night time surveillance, making them suitable for both day and night viewing.

Infrared illuminators use light emitting diodes, or LEDs, to transmit light. A single LED produces only a small amount of light so banks of LED’s are used. These banks can last up to 100,000 hours. LEDs are therefore extremely economical as well as efficient.

First off we needed to find out the wavelength  most suitable for our multitouch table. After research and consulting with members on the NUI forum we concluded that 850nm would work best for us.

We could not find find any companies in ireland that sold Infrared illuminators without cameras so we had to purchase them ebay.

Here is the link.

Unfortunately they did not come with a power supply so we had to buy one in maplin. The illuminators including posting and packaging and the power supply cost us €115.

We will probably need to bounce the IR light from them off the bottom and walls of the box when you mount them to avoid IR hot spots on your screen, another option would be to use a diffuser.

So our next step in relation to this area of the project is to purchase a reflective material for the inside of the table, we are hoping aluminum/tin foil will do the job.

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