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Final technical review

We had our final technical review in the college on Wednesday 27th of May. This was the first time we transported the Delta prototype into college.
We set the table up in the studio for some user testing with some of the MM4 students. Everything went well and there was no major issues.

We were scheduled for our review at 2.20 pm with Trevor Hogan, Phil Curtin and Emmett Coffey. Just prior to our appointment we had some issues with calibration with tbeta and also the placement of the camera. We were delayed as a result, but once we got it going there was no problems.

After the review we had a team meeting to discuss the problems we encountered. As a result we decided that we were going to upgrade from tbeta to Community Core Vision (CCV), which is a new improved and more stable version of tbeta. We also decided that that it would be better to semi-permanently fix all the hardware excluding the projector to the table to improve set-up time and also to help avoid any hardware issues.

As a result the hardware and software are far more stable and the syste ma sa whole works a lot better. It proved to be a very important exercise before we present the final piece on the 2nd June.

usability testing Stage 7

For our final usability testing we invited a number of friends around to interact with the table. We set a number of tasks for each individual. We tested every possible navigation option to make sure there was no usability problems.

We were over all very happy with the testing and feel our product is ready for public exhibition.

Hardware updates

Diffuser material
For our Beta prototype we have been using tracing paper as a diffuser, it gave us surprising good results for such a cheap and readily available solution. Unfortunately it didn’t look great, especially when the table is off and it can also hang in the middle because it is thin.
We recently tested the 225 [...]


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Hardware review.

We worked very closely on every area of the project together, we divided the responsibilities in to four main sections that covered the four major areas of the project; content, hardware, software, and design. My responsibilities were hardware and content.
During the course of this project we built three multi-touch devices in total. I was [...]

Content review

The content can be broken into three specific areas including; media content, text content and hotel content.
Media Content
I created the majority of the media content over the course of the project. I visited all the major sites around Cork city including Fota Wildlife Park, Blarney Castle, Charles Fort, Kinsale, Cork City Gaol, [...]